Luxury Lace Closure Wigs

Luxury Lace Closure Wigs

Have you ever wished Breanna Rutter could just jump through the screen and do your hair for you?

Well now that's possible with Custom Lace Closure Wigs hand crafted by Breanna Rutter, customized to your head!

Skip the appointment & wasting hours in the salon and get a custom wig that will last you multiple years!

Going to the salon would cost you on average $200 (just for the install, not the hair) + all day in the salon and your install would only last you about a month on average. Getting this done, every month, for two years, will cost you $4,800 (just for the service and not the cost of the hair) and lots of time wasted in the salon when instead, you could purchase your Custom Luxury Lace Closure Wig for $470 which will last you at least 2 years or more with great care saving you thousands of dollars!

Your wig will be your flawless everyday or emergency hairstyle that's always there for you in your time of need especially when you can't get your hair done by a stylist!

Breanna makes sure to do everything with perfection, so you can expect your wig to be nothing but flawless!

All wigs come styled with waves & your choice of length & color. When buying our wigs, you pay less per bundle: each bundle or closure is $90 and Breanna's Service is $200.

An overwhelming amount of you have been requesting our wigs so as demand for wigs go up, so will prices!

So take advantage NOW and get your custom wig made by Breanna Rutter! 

 Closure Size: 3.5" x 4" | Closure Weight: 1-1.5 oz | Free Part Closure: Lightly Bleached Knots | Bundle Weight: 3.5 oz (per bundle) | Closure & Bundle Color: Natural Virgin Hair Color or Permanent Black Color| Closure & Bundle Color Texture: Body Wave With Brazilian Type Texture | Origin: Indian Hair Wig Shipping Time: 1-3 weeks depending on International or USA Domestic Shipping. 


$ 470.00