We created this resources page to give you a guide on the hair products and styling tools we suggest you use with your hair as well as with Mrs. Rutter's Luxury Hair Extensions!
We arranged the products in alphabetical order so that you can easily find what you're looking for!
-Mrs. Rutter's Team
Use argan oil as a light moisturizer, light heat protectant or as a shine gloss product. This oil is multi-purposed and I highly suggest using it as light moisturizer for our hair.
I like to use the Revlon Blow Dryer with the nozzle attachment to concentrate the air when I'm molding my lace closures before installing. A trick to really making your curl pattern come to life, is to diffuse blow dry your luxury hair extensions (while damp) without the attached nozzle.
I prefer using open bobby pins because closed pins can sometimes snag on your hair and that
feels so painful! To avoid this, use closed bobby pins and they are also very discrete with your hairstyles!
Always use braiding hair to add strength and tension protection to you hair when you are getting a sew in. Always. Even if you only use a little braiding hair. This also helps preserve fragile edges and nape hairs while getting a sew in.
If you want your wigs to fit PERFECTLY every time you make them, you need this wig head in your life! Before ordering, measure your head and then purchase the canvas head that matches your head circumference. If your hair is thick, I suggest you order up a half inch just in case to have a little more room in your wigs.
THIS IS THE BEST OIL TO USE ON YOUR HAIR! If you are allergic to coconuts, I suggest the next best thing which is Argan Oil. Coconut oil is superior because this is the only oil known to man with a molecular weight small enough that can penetrate through all the layers of your hair for maximum moisture!
I prefer using the HSI Curling Wand because it gets smaller near the bottom which gives your curls a unique look and it also helps your curls last longer because the ends of the curls are tighter at the bottom. I also use the curling wand to mold my luxury lace closures to perfection before installing!
I prefer these needles because once you enter this needle through your braid pattern, the needle curvature allows it to come right back out making installations a little faster. Some people like using straight needles but it can cause strain or your wrist so I always suggest curved needles.
I only use this specific dome cap and I have tried them all, trust me! Some are too flimsy, some are too thready, some don't stretch enough and some fall apart after a month or so! Once you use these, you will never go back to using other ones!
Always keep your hair sectioned with duck bill clips when you are styling your hair or creating a wig. This makes the process a breeze because it will prevent hairs from constantly getting in your way.
This is every wig makers and closure slayers secret! Using this elastic band for your wig secures your wig to your head without it falling off and using the smaller version of the elastic band is great for securing your closure to your head without having to stitch through your edges for a sew in!
The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Straighter IS THE BEST STRAIGHTENER I HAVE EVER USED! I have been using this specific flat iron for 2 years and it's such a good straightener that its a staple among other hairstylists as well!
Only use scissors specifically for your hair and sewins because scissors get dull with frequent use. Simple hair cutting scissors are great for achieving a consistent cut or layered look.
I prefer using this heat protectant because it makes your hair feel very silky and it also doesn't cause build up on your hair or your hair extensions! Always use a heat protectant on your hair when using heat to avoid causing heat damage to the curl pattern of your hair extensions.
This spray makes my curls last all week! Seriously! The hold is moderate, not too light and not too hard. It's very affordable and it smells really good!
Not only will some bomb mascara give your eyelashes wings (teehee) but the mascara brush will also allow you to get right at the roots of your closure when coloring it! Here is our lace closure coloring tutorial teaching you step by step, how to dye your closure without ruining your lace!
This towel is an absolute must in preventing your hair from getting dried out when you are using a towel on your hair. This towel is specially made with micro fibers which only helps your hair dry, not rob your hair of moisture like your typical cotton dry towel does.
NEVER USE COTTON THREAD! Cotton thread can absorb up to 10 times its weight and because of this, it will pull a lot of moisture from your hair causing dry weak points and it can make your sew in feel tighter the next day even if your sewin wasn't done tightly! Always use nylon thread.
A little hairstylist trick I am going to share with you is to wear a skin tone stocking cap underneath your closure if your scalp happens to be lighter or darker than our lace closure. Use this tan colored cap or this brown colored cap if your scalp is significantly lighter or darker than our lace closure.
Use these rubber bands when you are keeping your leave out sectioned off. It has a light grip and wont pull on your hair when you remove them.
There are hundreds maybe thousands of hair coloring products on the market but they are not all created equal! This is the brand of color I like to use majority of the time when I am coloring my hair extensions.
I love using a good rat tail comb for parting because it gives you a sharp crisp perfect part! Always use the pointy end when parting and the teeth when doing chase method when straightening your hair.
I noticed that when I use these, I don't lose those few strands of hair that always break off around the ponytail holder. These hair ties will prevent you from having that problem when you're wearing your hair in a ponytail.
Always use this type of comb when detangling not only your hair but also your hair extensions. A seamless wide tooth comb will prevent split ends and splitting hairs because your hairs won't rub against the seam that usually appears inside the teeth of typical hair combs.
If you are a hairstylist or you do hair for a few friends/family, or even if you create wigs often, using this table keeps you very organized because its very spacious and the edges of the table prevent things from falling off.
The only sulfate free shampoo I like using is by Dr. Bronners. I absolutely love the baby formula shampoo because its very gentle and unscented which is great for sensitive skin!

We carefully selected pure high grade bundles of healthy hair to ensure that we provide you with soft, full and elegant looking hair extensions. Our luxury bundles are wefted to perfection to ensure that you will have hair that will actually last!

Mrs. Rutter's Luxury Hair Extensions



Our Luxury Lace Closures are our #1 best seller because we honestly have the best closures on the market! Our closures were created to give you such a realistic look, that you will believe that the closure looks just like your real scalp!
Mrs. Rutter's Luxury Lace Closures
The #1 question I get when it comes to using a weaving net is "Why use a weaving net?" The weaving net protects your hair from damage when combing through your hair extensions and the net also absorbs the tension from your sewin which prevents weak points (damage) on the points where your extensions would have been sewn to your hair.
If you don't always want to wear a sewin, you can create your own custom upart wig (tutorial here) and sew wig combs onto it to secure it to your anchor braids (the braids around your leave out). These are the only wig combs I like to use because they are very gentle on my hair.
I like using this specific manikin wig tripod to mount my canvas head while creating my lace closure wigs and u part wigs. Its pretty heavy duty and versatile because it can extend over 5 feet and the head swivels so that you can tilt your canvas manikin head when necessary.
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