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It should be of no surprise that the tools you use to detangle & groom your hair are extremely important in regards to maintaining the health of your hair extensions.

We easily become consumed with finding the perfect hair care products for our extensions, even for our real hair, while forgetting to pay attention to the unforgettable damage caused by inappropriate hair care tools!

The only hair tool that is necessary in maintaining healthy hair extensions is a wide tooth comb/detangling comb!

This has always been the #1 secret to great hair no matter how fine, thick, course, silky, curly, straight, or wavy your hair extensions are, you will always need a wide tooth comb for your detangling & grooming needs!

This is how you will forever prevent a great deal of damage & split ends, trust me!

Seamless Wide Tooth Comb



Detangling your hair extensions will differ depending on how tight of a curl your extensions are.

Straight to wavy hair should be detangled while dry instead of wet.

Curly to coily hair should be detangled with conditioner and water instead of dry detangling.

To keep your hair looking fresh & frizz-free throughout the day, do not constantly comb or rake your fingers through your hair.

Also as tempting as it may be, refrain from playing in your hair while damp so that it can dry to preserve a neat tame look.





A good guide for knowing how often to shampoo wash your hair extensions is at least once or twice a week.

This will vary depending on the frequency of your hair product usage.

You can choose to shampoo wash your extensions by paying attention to notice a buildup of hair products, dead skin flakes or even an odor

Shampoo your extensions only to cleanse the hair of such buildups

Shampoo your extensions with hair flowing in a downward flow to prevent detangling.

Allow warm water to run through the hair to rinse out the shampoo.

After shampooing your hair you have to follow up with a moisturizer.

Conditioner washing or moisturizing is the more applicable option if you are only in need of moisture.



Overtime your extensions will naturally wear & tear so deep condition treatments are necessary from time to time.

Through styling practices & daily manipulation, the hair is constantly bending, twisting, & rubbing against other materials so of course the hair will become dry & maybe even a little more course near the ends as time progresses.

Using a deep conditioner product will not be done frequently but it is vital for balancing much needed moisture into your hair extensions when needed.

You will usually notice that during the hotter & drier times of year, more deep conditioning is required to quench drier hair! 

A good guide for knowing how often to deep condition your hair extensions is at least every two weeks or once a month.

Deep conditioning your extensions will vary sometimes depending on how tight your curl pattern is, your hair care styling habits, & usage of other products on the hair as well.



The key to keeping hair extensions healthy is to conditioner wash your hair!

Keeping your investment moisturized prevents it from becoming chronically dry since the key to great looking hair has always been an incorporation of co-washing.

Co-washing your hair means to wash your extensions with conditioner alone.

When you are not in need to cleanse your hair, use a moisturizing conditioner to freshen up your extensions as well as make them soft & moisturized again.

The frequency of your co-wash should be at least twice a week.

To keep your extensions looking fresh & frizz-free throughout the day, you should not rake your fingers through your hair as its drying!

Also as tempting as it may be, refrain from handling your hair while drying & more importantly when dry, to preserve neat looking extensions.



Caring for heat damaged hair needs to have more incorporation of moisture than that of healthy hair extensions because it’s natural ability to retain moisture needs to be restored!

In most cases, heat damaged hair is irreversible because the amount of heat placed on the extensions has altered its abilities to retain its natural shape.

This is extremely noticeable on hair that is not naturally straight when you notice straight strands of hair that are resistant to returning to its original shape!

There is hope in nursing this hair back to health with the chance of weekly mandatory deep conditions.

If this does not help restore your hair, you have to call it a loss & take better care of your next set of extensions to avoid this problem!

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