The Mrs. Rutter's Luxury Beauty Brand Story


Mrs. Rutter's is The Luxury Beauty Brand that goes above and beyond to teach our customers how to style their hair so that they can save their money and look amazing!



We believe that everyone should be able to have high quality products and we believe hair care education should be free for all so we combined both. Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here. When we created this company, one of the things we wanted to do was offer free hair care and styling advice through videos to help women save their money so that they can afford the best for their hair! 



Mrs. Rutter's started because of the lack of quality products, quality tutorials and quality companies to buy from. There is an overwhelming amount of companies that sell low quality cheap products and some of them are proud to say that they are "Hustlers" and many continue to hustle their customers in the process. Mrs. Rutter's wanted to create and provide high quality products and tutorials while finding a way to help our customers save money in the process. This void birthed the creation of The Mrs. Rutter's Luxury Beauty Brand that focuses on teaching women all around the world hair care and styling via free tutorials!



The Founder of Mrs. Rutter's, Breanna Rutter, knows the struggle of not being able to afford hair products and hair services since a young age. Breanna Rutter grew up in the ghetto on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois in The Robert Taylor Project buildings. These were some of the worst projects in America at the time and it was so bad, that the City of Chicago tore down the buildings and ended the housing program because of the high level of violence. Because she grew up poor, she would sometimes have enough money for cheap beauty supply store hair but not enough to pay for a stylist. Breanna had to teach herself everything from hair styling and business to pull herself out of poverty. Breanna is a big proponent of self-education and teaches for free to millions around the world hair care and hair styling in hopes to help that little girl like herself who had no one to go to to teach her how to do her own hair.


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