How Long Should You Wear A Weave

April 28, 2015 breanna rutter

If you are here because you don't know how long to wear a weave, then this post was made just for you!

Keeping your beautiful hair extensions installed for the duration of your install is very easy to do with Mrs Rutter's Hair Extensions!

The reason why is because our hair is 100% pure virgin hair which will withstand constant heat usage, coloring and handling!

The amount of time you leave your weave installed will either encourage hair growth or cause matting and breakage!

We suggest that you DO NOT LEAVE YOUR WEAVE INSTALLED FOR MORE THAN 2-3 MONTHS because the roots of your hair will begin to mat!


Different hairs on your head shed at different times because hair has 3 stages to its life cycle.

Your hair goes through the resting phase (Anagen), growing phase (Catagen) and fall out phase (Telogen).

Because each hair on your head is in a different phase, your shed hairs will fall out but remain at the roots of your hair when wearing your weave.


At the 2 to 3 month mark, this causes matting when you do not release these hairs since we typically shed 80 to 100 hairs a day.

Similarly to someone who is locking their hair, they notice that around the 2 to 3 month mark that their hairs are beginning to mat together and this is happeneing at your roots when you do not release these hairs!


To keep your hair healthy and growing, remove your install every 2 to 3 months even if the life of your install can still last longer because doing this is best for the health of your hair!


For detailed information on Caring For Mrs Rutter's Hair Extensions click HERE


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