Taking Care Of Weave Leave Out

April 28, 2015 breanna rutter

If you are here because you need help taking care of your leave out, then this post was made just for you!


Taking care of your leave out while wearing your beautiful hair extensions is very easy!

To maintain your real hair while wearing Mrs Rutter's Hair Extensions, we listed below just a few steps you would need to do to care for your leave out!

We suggest that these steps be done on clean dry hair.


Step #1 Detangle Your Leave Out With a seamless wide tooth comb.

This type of comb prevents your hair from snagging on the seams and the wide teeth provides gentle detangling.


Step #2 Lightly mist your hair with water.

Misting your hair is important because this is where moisture comes from!

Without moisture (water) your leave out will become brittle, dry and even thin if it is constantly dry.

Water Spray Bottle


Step #3 Apply a light application of Coconut Oil or Argan Oil on slightly damp hair.

Coconut oil is the best oil to use on your hair because this oil penetrates the hair shaft for maximum internal moisture!

Using Argan oil also works just as well if you do not have access to coconut oil.


Step #4 Use Heat Protectant On Your Leave Out When Using Heat

Using heat protectant is important if you want to prevent heat damage and dryness with your leave out.

Also, we suggest that you use this heat protectant and these styling tools and flat iron to give you your best result when styling your leave out to blend with your hair extensions.


For detailed information on Caring For Mrs Rutter's Hair Extensions click HERE!


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