How To Dye A Closure Using A Mascara Wand | Step By Step Tutorial

May 02, 2015 breanna rutter


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In this lace closure tutorial, Breanna Rutter will be teaching you how to color Mrs. Rutter’s Virgin Hair Lace Closure the color jet black. Mrs. Rutter’s Virgin Hair Extensions comes in a natural brown color so coloring your purchased hair extensions is your choice and ultimately based on your preference!

Author and Internet Stylist Breanna Rutter informs you of all the products that you will need successfully color your lace closure!

Mrs. Rutter’s Lace Closure
(1 BOX) Revlon Color Silk Beautiful Color BLACK PERMANENT HAIR COLOR
Hair Dye Brush
Hair Coloring Bowl
Hair Cutting Scissors
(4) Duck Bill Clips
Rat Tail Comb
Mascara Wand
Sterile Latex Gloves
(2) Trash Bags
Black Hairstylist Apron

When coloring your Mrs. Rutter’s Virgin Hair Lace Closure, using permanent hair coloring takes very well to the hair since the hair is virgin hair. To color your lace closure, only focus on coloring the roots of your closure with your mascara wand first. This prevents you from spilling dye onto your lace because once you dye your roots with the mascara brush; you can safely color the rest of your hair without worrying about whether or not you covered the roots of your closure with dye. When you start coloring the ends of your hair, you will notice that the very ends of the hair appear to be just a little bit lighter than the hair nearest to the lace and that is because this is real virgin hair that hasn’t been colored! Natural real hair in its natural hair color always appears just slightly lighter on the ends than the rest of the hair because the ends are the oldest parts of hair.
After coloring your lace closure, rinse the dye from the hair by allowing warm water to run through the lace and then through the hair. Allowing water that ran through the hair to run through the lace will cause your lace to tint the color of your hair dye! After the water has ran clear or almost clear, shampoo the closure by washing the hair without pushing lather through your lace. Repeat this process until the water runs clear from your hair. After you have shampoo washed your closure, lightly squeeze the excess water from the hair and then apply a rinse condition or deep condition (your choice). After the closure has been conditioned and rinsed with warm water, lightly squeeze the excess water from the hair and then air dry the closure with its lace positioned off the ground. This ensures that as water runs down the hair while it’s drying, that the water will not run through your lace! The result will be a beautifully colored lace closure with the wave pattern of the hair still intact!

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