Blending & Straightening Your Leave Out With Your Sew In Weave Step 4/7

May 06, 2015 breanna rutter




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In this step of the Sew In With Leave Out Tutorial, Breanna Rutter will teach you how to blend your leave out hair with your sew in install! Breanna Rutter has relaxed 4c hair but similar results can be achieved with natural hair as well. When blending natural hair with weave, make sure that your hair was previously stretched or blow dried (preferred) and then flat iron in small sections with heat protectant to avoid heat damage. To avoid heat damage on your real hair as well as with Mrs. Rutter’s Hair Extensions, do not exceed 350° degrees when applying heat!

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4 Mrs.Rutter’s Bundles Lengths: 26 in, 24 in, 22 in & 20 in
Black Nylon Sewing Thread
Weaving Needles (Curved C-Needle)
Weaving Net
Braiding Hair
Rat Tail Comb
Wide Tooth Comb
Dry Towel
Hair Cutting Scissors
Edge Control (Design Essentials)
Rubber Bands
Hair Holding Spray (Garnier Fructis Style Flexible Control)
Ponytail Holders
Duck Bill Clips
Flat Iron (Nano Titanium Babybliss PRO)
Heat Protectant (Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy)
1 inch Curling Wand (HSI Curling Tool)

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